Any price has an agenda, political or otherwise. Our agenda is quality.
Zeitpunkt is not important. The award is independent of what is supposed to
When we play a game and we realize it’s something great, it will get the award

no classics like just because they’re “classics”.

Games are getting good since
Übersättigung because people consume too much and tgen complain
They talk about the pos and tgat there’s too much to play. There isnt_ when you just play the top of the top, of which there are 2 to 4 in a year.
Granted, over tge years, even that number got higher because finally true artists are creating interactive meaningful experiences instead of escapism by gameplay coders
Too much is good

This website is not about good games.
Its about the ones that stand above everything else

Doesn’t make this less or mess important like any other publication just because it has a larger audience. Everything in our world is subjective

there are products that are pempered to a broad audience. some might hear music while playing
these experience just work as.. the work they are. you concentrate, listen, experience